Lancia gets a bad rap. Sure, the more modern examples have had a history of rusting and rampant reliability woes, but before that, they were certifiable rally weapons. And even before that, Lancia was just a maker of truly gorgeous cars. Cars like this aluminum-bodied 1967 Flaminia Super Sport, which benefits from the good styling sense of Zagato. It’s the latest subject for the team at Petrolicious.

That last part is telling, because Zagato tends to produce designs that are all over the scale of attractiveness. The 1967 Flaminia is certainly a looker. The kink in the C-pillar, which looks like a more dramatic version of BMW’s famous Hofmeister kink, is just a great piece of design, while the stylish Kammback rear end and subtly recessed headlights mean this Flaminia looks greak from nearly any angle.

Underhood sits a 2.8-liter V6 that is fed by three two-barrel Weber carbs, and which its owner, Robert Giaimo, claims will allow it to comfortably cruise at 100 miles per hour. This particular example of the Flaminia Super Sport is one of just 150, and is from the very last year of production.

Scroll down for the latest video from the team at Petrolicious, and have a look at this classic Lancia.

Written by soarer