With the suns continued intensity, the rich, vineyard soil of Napa Valley, California will dry after days of rain. The grapes have been harvested, and vintners are aging their reserves in cellers, but here at Petrolicious, we love vintage automobiles, the wonderful folks that drive them, and the community that always builds around a make. Here in wine country, we caught up with a strong community of Datsun Roadsters that help one another with parts, maintenance, and enjoying a leisurely day in the sun.

Drive Tastefully™


Hot on the heels of San Francisco Skyline, it’s It’s time for yet another beautifully shot video from Petrolicious. This time, the crew heads north into wine country for Napa Valley Roadsters, a look at two more Nissans, but this time a pair of Datsun Fairlady roadsters owned by Will Campbell and the impossibly named Dandridge Marsh. Could there be a more perfect car to drive through the region’s rolling hills and sunshine? (Answer: no, there could not.) Watch the video for yourself below and just be happy that such beauty has existed in case the world does indeed end tomorrow.

Written by soarer